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Want to hear something sweet? I was so late on the first day of…

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Want to hear something sweet? I was so late on the first day of school that by the time I parked my car in the parking garage, Steph called me and told me that class was already over. Sweeettt...what a great start to the semester! Not even making it to the first class because I was stuck in SJSU street traffic. Hmm..but then that should teach me a lession about leaving at 8:00 for a 8:30 class. Guess it wasn't that smart of a move, but whatever, I'm over it. Steph told the teacher that I actually went to class, but then I got confused and left. Great explanation! Now the teacher thinks that I'm mentally retarded.

I'm taking two online Comm classes this semester because the campus depresses me. I feel that I should have graduated already because everyone else in my PR class already did. Grrr. I might drop my Japanese class because I don't like going to school on Fridays. I'm suppose to have class tomorrow but I don't want to go. Well, I'm still working right now and I was busy as hell today. Then all of a sudden Steph calls me and tells me that two of her teachers called MY name during their roll call. I was like, WTF, because I'm not signed up for any classes on Tues and Thurs. She was like, "Well, they called out Tammy.." Then she tells me that it was in the beginning of the roll call, so of course it wasn't me.

Ughh..I'm dreading work tomorrow and supposedly I have class from 1:30-3:00. I still have tons of crap to do. Tons and tons. Ahhhhhhh.....
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