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Remembering to live...

I'm a girl who loves her jewels and grandmother's cocktail rings. I wish I could wear fur (fake) and huge costume jewelry to work everyday. I love antiques and beautiful things with a history attached. I collect big sunglasses, vintage purses and jewelry.

What I love:
-Vintage clothing/accessories
-European antiques
-the Victorian/Edwardian lace frocks
-costume jewelry and heavy cocktail rings that weighs down my fingers
-the 1920's flapper style
-ropes and ropes of pearls around my neck
-stuffing myself with sushi until I pass out
-browsing flea markets for trinkets and jewelry
-making my own necklaces and wearing them

...if you like any of those things, I think we can be friends =)

My beautiful jewels!!!! Most are antique or vintage, passed down from my grandmother to my mom.