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I'm so sick right now. I can't breathe through my nose. My eyes are watering and my head is spinning. I blame my customers from Fujian. It was hella cold on Monday but they kept wanting to take pictures in front of the Cisco building. BLAH!
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I have been having traumatizing dreams lately. Two nights ago, I dreamt that my mom joined a cult and then one of the cult members stole my car. Bitches. Last night, I dreamt that I was in Iraq, trapped in one of those old, torn-up abandoned buildings that we usually see on TV as war coverage. I was trapped in there with a little girl and we were running at every corner, trying to escape. We finally got out of the building, only to have people with guns chasing after us. The soldiers couldn't help us because they were already dead. I woke up feeling depressed and sad.
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Leave of Absence
I know that I've been postponing my last day at Cisco, but I'm leaving on January 31st, 2005. I will be taking a 6 month leave of absence to finish the semester and to spend more time with family, friends and with myself. I will probably go back again in August, since I am sure that I will not find a better job, or a better place to work at after graduation. But who knows, it's really too early to tell. One of my mgrs wanted me to write a proposal saying that I am willing to take night and online classes to meet the hectic work schedule (10 hrs/day at the office), but that is really no way to finish my last semester in college. I want to have fun. Or, if I don't have fun, I want to sit in class. I had to skip a lot of classes this semester because I had customers becoming in for a briefing on the same day as school. I am not suppose to work Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00-3:00, but it was impossible finding another program manager to cover me. Since everyone else is busy with their own customer briefings to take care of, I felt really bad asking someone to cover me. Ahhh...it was difficult juggling school and work. Sometimes I would even work during class with my laptop connected to wireless, typing furiously away at emails and Sametime messages (Cisco IM's), fooling the teacher into thinking that I was taking notes.

Looking forward to the future
Despite all this madness, I wouldn't trade my experience in the corporate world for anything. It was great and I learned so much ( a lot more compared to school). I'm also excited to be NOT WORKING. I've forgotten what it felt like to only have to go to school and not have to go to work. One more semester at SJSU, yayyyy. I've already started planning my graduation party. I am going to sing and dance and then jump off my roof. Then, I am going to take a 2 month vacation before going back to work. I'm going to Greece with family for 2 weeks, which I am totally excited about. I was talking to Kim online about applying for the JET program, which is the Japanese Exchange program to let foreigners (mostly college grads)teach or work in Japan. She's applying for the teacher's position while I want to be a coordinator for International Relations. Oh my gosh, it's so exciting. Even if I get in, which I hope I can, I won't be leaving until July/August 2006. I will be fresh out of college and ready to explore the world. Seriously, we're only young once, so why not??

Cheers to a great upcoming year! I know I sound dorky but I truly mean it. Life is too short to be wasted away being consumed by tedious worries or negative thoughts. God is really showing himself to me this X-mas day and for that, I thank him. Merry Christmas everyone!
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I have a craving for Vicodin, my best friend to cure my miseries (yes, I'm still at work right now). It's comforting to know that it's at home, waiting for me. How can I express my love for pills...
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I'm at work and my head hurts. I just want to snuggle up in my blankets and go back to sleep. There is barely anyone here at the office today. It's one of those days when no one will notice if you're here or not...
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Yesterday was the day that our PR 199 campaign mgmt. class had to do our presentations at Ketchum PR in San Francisco. The setting was going to be like the apprentice, 2 PR groups competing for one account. My group and I have totally been slackers throughout the entire semester. We never went to class. There were days when we did show up, but we just had a drink beforehand so we were like..dooodoodo. On Sunday I spent the entire day at my friend Kelli's house with everyone getting this stupid project done. After everyone did their presentations, we had to wait 45 minutes for the results. The Ketchum senior account execs. and a SVP went into this conference rooms to discuss what they liked and didn't liked. It was seriously like the Apprentice.

And guess what, we actually won! I bet the other group hates us because we never went to class but we still had a great presentation, powerpoint, and handbook. I swear procrastination and waiting until the last minute made our presentation better. I work better under pressure more than anything. And winning is really a great feeling. Of course, nothing's gonna happen after we win, but still, the feeling of victory is sweet.

Afterwards, our class went to Grumpy's, this little bar next to Ketchum, and had drinks with our beloved Prof. Briggs. He boughts us drinks. I love him. I'm kind of sad that I'm not going to have any more classes in the Journalism department next semester. This class was the last PR class that I need to graduate. I really loved my group members because I got along SO well with everyone. I spent so many Sundays with them getting this project done.

Along our drive to SF, we saw a bunch of helicopters in the sky. At first we were like, what the hell are those for, then someone reminded us that we were in Redwood City and it was flying above the courthouse. We immediately turned on the news for the Peterson case. When I heard the verdict, I knew it was going to be a good day.
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It's do or die time, bitches.

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If only God can save me now...
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I envy the people who don't have to work and can just concentrate on school. I bet I'm still a nerd at heart. There are times when I just want to chill in my room, curl up reading a good book and sip on hot coffee. That is actually what I've been wanting to do these days. I love reading history books or any historic novels. I am just a simple girl who wants to do simple things!

Unfortunately, I have a million things to do and a million worries. I hate it when things don't work out for you so they become a little nagging problem in the back of your mind. You know you have to take care of it sooner or later, but at the same time, you just want to save that worry for tomorrow and focus on enjoying today.

This is hopefully going to be my last time registering for damn classes. I know I would be more interested in my studies right now if I wasn't at work most of the time. As of right now, school seems like something that is hindering me from better work performance.

Just a couple more months...then I'll be free....

On a lighter note, I am beginning to feel more attracted to older men (guys in their early 30's.) From who I've seen at work, some of them are hot and they've already reached a level of success. Maybe this is why I don't find guys in college attractive at all.
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I'm so glad that midterms are over now. I got A's on all 3 of the midterms that I took, so I'm happy and content about it. School has been easy for me lately, but I don't want to say that too soon. It's really the least of my worries.

Work has been going well. Things are a lot easier now that my uncle isn't breathing down my neck. I'm really glad that I changed departments. My uncle is a lot happier too now that he's living in North Carolina. It must be the fresh air there compared to the garbage smell of Milpitas. Seriously, that disgusting wave of smell almost knocked me over yesterday as I was leaving for work. I don't know how breathing that toxic fume is healthy for anyone. Way to go, garbage dump.

Anyway, I've also noticed that kissing ass can get you a long way. Ugh, but it's annoying doing it everyday just to get things done. I guess that's how corporations work.

On another note, I want to be at Weibel when the polls open tomorrow, but I bet everyone who has to be in the office at 9 is gonna be there at 7. Hopefully the line won't be too long, because I hate waiting in long lines and I hate standing around at Weibel. It's funny how all of my family members are registered Republicans except for me and one cousin. We get more Republican junk mail than anything! But that's okay, because I enjoy drawing devil horns and other crap on the face and head of old GWB.

Ohhh, now for the exciting news, I'm going to Greece next summer! Hooray for graduation presents =) I cannot wait, I'm ready to go RIGHT NOW.
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